Sycamore Canyon Rd. & Pfeiffer Beach

From CPOA:

In anticipation of reopening the Pfeiffer Beach Day Use Area, the USFS will be doing some repairs and cleanup on Sycamore Canyon Road some distance up from the beach toward Highway 1. This may cause some delay and problem for anyone needing to access Clear Ridge and Front Hill Roads and that general area.

Hours of work will be from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM and that part of the road will be closed. The USFS recommends accessing Clear Ridge via the Brewers Bridge gate.

This work started on October 3rd and may continue through October 13th, the opening day of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. If more specific details are provided to us by the USFS, we will forward them to you.

Also from CPOA:

There have been recent discussions by CPOA and local residents with the US Forest Service about the over use of Pfeiffer Beach and Sycamore Canyon Road that provides access to the beach. These recent discussions are, in fact, a continuation of discussions that have spanned over 20 years with no significant improvement in the management of this worldwide destination. With visitation exceeding all records year after year, there is an ever increasing health and safety issue that needs to be addressed by the USFS.

You may download a letter from CPOA and an attachment from the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, by clicking HERE, that has been sent to the new Acting Forest Supervisor requesting immediate attention to this growing problem. (PDF file, 3 pages, 157KB).

Please read these letters by Butch and Martha. This is a serious issue with little time to resolve before opening of the bridge and the beach.

9 thoughts on “Sycamore Canyon Rd. & Pfeiffer Beach

  1. Awesome articulation! Both letters are strong calls for action! Great communication about such a serious issue, with dangers and hazards clearly set forth, and a path toward resolution suggested….with a Full Stop until resolved the only sane response by the powers that be.
    Well done people!! Much appreciation🐬🐬🐬

  2. Great job! It would really emphasize the importance of this concern to list the number of fatalities, injuries, and service calls each year by first responders to Pfeiffer Beach and Sycamore Canyon Rd.

  3. Kate,

    KSBW will be reporting on this later for 6pm report on the future of this road…

  4. Kate,

    Wow- that is a narrow 1 lane road- crazy. No way that road can be fixed by USFS or CPOA.

  5. Teresa Bradford-Cole I Lived and owned Property for 40 years down Sycamore Canyon Road This has been abused and a blind eye has been turned for far to long. The visitors walking defecate in our water systems throw their trash along the walk or drive down the road.
    Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park & The State California Department of Parks and Recreation. Should take the full responsibility of their over Zellist recommendations and advertisment campaign of the over use of vehicular access to Pfeiffer Beach on Sycamore Canyon Road” ….. and “a shuttle service between Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park and Pfeiffer Beach should also not only
    be considered. Yet Demanded and put into place immediately, the accsses must be closed to the visiting public untill this is not only addressed yet taken care of. Also Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park being a consession should take the financial Brunt There has been a Consession put into place to collect Money for access of the road for Decades “The main impact of the cost” for these shuttles, Truly belongs to the Consessions. Tax payers are not and have no financial gain.
    Teresa Bradford-Cole

  6. After my Rant I have realized The Consession must be in the hands of the locals that will keep the upmost honor and integrity of the land and it’s creatures. With a set of rules with a committee and a board to be held accountable. (Nonprofit)

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