Controlled burn on Ft Ord

Photo by Mike Morales from his house in East Garrison this am, shorting after 9 am when the prescribed burn started:



Photos by Nestor Marin from Gen Jim Moore Rd:


Just a reminder, I’ve already received queries. This morning. Photo by Sandy O’Keefe Bellamy.


~ by bigsurkate on October 5, 2017.

10 Responses to “Controlled burn on Ft Ord”

  1. This was taken about an hour ago from my phone on gen Jim Moore


  2. Kate,

    The wind was taking it over Carmel and the peninsula- now a drastic direction change has it going past mid valley to the village.


  3. And I hear it has shifted again to send the smoke south. At least it is in mop up now, per one report.


  4. WOW! It smells like Soberanes again. Plus a skunk.Ha!


  5. Kate,

    MCW/NC: ” PHOTOS: Controlled burns in Fort Ord help officials search for munitions. ”


  6. No wind to speak of but there must of been a slight shift as all of a sudden I could smell smoke. After a quick walk about, went to my go-to sites… here and Cal-Fire and CHP. Nothing… thankfully. Must be the Fort Ord burn. All good. Must admit I’ve been a bit gun-shy since last summer.
    Just wanted to say so very glad to hear so little fire news from you BSK ! 🙂


  7. Lord knows I am happy to not be reporting much fire news – now to get through Oct and we can all start breathing again.


  8. Kate,

    NAPA County is your latest wildfire/property lost/ people & businesses displaced! 1500 buildings destroys! #NunsFire over 5000+ acres burned.


  9. And one death, so far, in one of the fires, but just don’t know which one.


  10. Kate,

    You are right. #TubbsFire and plenty more. Whoa…


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