10 thoughts on “Controlled burn on Ft Ord

  1. Kate,

    The wind was taking it over Carmel and the peninsula- now a drastic direction change has it going past mid valley to the village.

  2. No wind to speak of but there must of been a slight shift as all of a sudden I could smell smoke. After a quick walk about, went to my go-to sites… here and Cal-Fire and CHP. Nothing… thankfully. Must be the Fort Ord burn. All good. Must admit I’ve been a bit gun-shy since last summer.
    Just wanted to say so very glad to hear so little fire news from you BSK ! 🙂

  3. Kate,

    NAPA County is your latest wildfire/property lost/ people & businesses displaced! 1500 buildings destroys! #NunsFire over 5000+ acres burned.

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