12 thoughts on “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge

  1. Keeping residents from being able to move home…most of that day for a party is a bit much.

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  2. Kate,

    Who on that list would be most responsible for the deterioratation of the NF Road and the failure of safety features missing including communication difficulties?

  3. It is most remarkable that the new bridge is ready for use so soon.
    Worthy of a celebration party. It is a big deal.

  4. Kate,

    Will road work crew director be announcing any future repairs for NF road & small bridge?

  5. Kate….You should be honored at this ceremony for your tireless commitment, and important place in this community during this time! You are a priceless asset to this community! I am thanking you now!

  6. Wonderful day visiting with neighbors and our Big Sur community on our new bridge. 🙂

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