One less heartbeat in my house

Bear was not a loud dog, except outside when guarding us. He was a sweet dog. His tail was always wagging. He didn’t scratch to be let in or out, he waited for others to do that, and then tagged along. He was sometimes stubborn about coming in for dinner if he wasn’t finished with his duties.

As my FB and twitter followers know, Bear passed yesterday just before 3 pm. I called him Bear, or Bear Dog. This photo was taken in December of 2016 – the day Gideon died. Bear will always be in my heart, right alongside his papa, Gideon, and his sister, Miranda. It seems so quiet today, even though he was not a loud dog. I think it is the one less heartbeat in my house that makes it so quiet. Run and play free, my beautiful, loving boy.


30 thoughts on “One less heartbeat in my house

  1. Oh Kate…I’m so sorry to hear this. My wife and I have lost several beloved pets/companions over the years…we know exactly how you feel.

  2. I hope Bear has crossed the rainbow bridge and is playing with my grand dog who crossed the bridge 3 weeks ago. RIP.

  3. I’m sure he’s running with a lot of good dogs friends, including the ones who graced my life with their loving presence. xoxo

  4. They can never be replaced. May Bear become a happy beautiful loving memory for you soon. My heartfelt condolences…

  5. So sorry you have lost Bear now, as well as Gideon earlier. They are part of the family. Take care.

  6. Kate, I had to say good-bye to my wonderful cat Luna just last week. She is not the first of my dear friends to depart for parts unknown, and she will not be the last. It always hurts, but I figure the measure of our sorrow is a direct reflexion of our unending love for these special beings. I am sorry you don’t have Bear with you anymore. And even though “sorry” can not even begin to cover the sadness we feel when our dear friend moves on without us, we all share this profound grief with you.

  7. bear’s heartbeat is still with you, kate, i imagine i am hearing it from here, beating right next to yours….

  8. What a beautiful tribute Kate to your Bear.
    As long as he’s in your heart he’ll always be there. My heart goes out to you.

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. Bear was the best dog…that face….blessings for your home.

  10. So sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking. All we can do is give them the best life we can without a lot of bumps and bruises along the way and they are very happy with that. They had a wonderful life and you are wonderful caregiver. You can be very proud of the wonderful life you’ve given Bear and his mom and dad .

  11. Oh Kate. My heart is with you. Sending hugs as I’m sure Bear is sending bear hugs.

  12. So sorry Kate, I’ll bet he had a great life but it is always tough.

    Frank Quilty


  13. Our hearts go out to you, Kate – my husband and I have felt the absence of dearly loved pets, too, and know that Bear is sending you his love and hug from the Blue Road of Spirit. May the rhythm of the waves carry him home and bring you comfort.

  14. So sorry to hear about Bear. Sounds as if he was a great guy who will be missed.

  15. Kate, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your boy. From your writing, it’s obvious you and Bear ‘got’ each other in that undefinable way only pet families understand. He’ll be around – you’ll feel his presence. How great it was you had each other! There will be more heartbeats to come, when the time is right. God bless.

  16. I am so sorry. They are in our lives such a short time but give us so much love. Healing heart to you and many wonderful memories of him to fill your thoughts!

  17. The eyes say it all. What a picture. A communication that only dog to master can accomplish. Rest in peace.

  18. So very sorry for your loss. It’s SO dad to lose a fur baby. They are family members and give so much love.

  19. What a beauty! How lucky your were to have each other 🙂

    Thank you for this blog and all your hard work.

  20. Sending sympathy for your loss. Bear’s eyes are so expressive. I know he’ll be missed, but hang on to the memories of this sweet loving companion. It’s sad that their lives are so short, but life would be far less sweet without them altogether.

  21. Kate. I am sooo sorry to hear of your loss.
    There are no words big enough to fill the
    void. Big hugs to you and yours Be well.

  22. I’m just now reading this, as I was away, so I apologize for belated condolences. Bear’s presence, I’m sure, will always be felt. What a great pic to remind you of him when you need that.

  23. Thank you Little Philly. I sent it off to be blown up and framed. I did that after Gideon passed on and have it hanging for me to see and smile. I am sure I will smile about Bear, too. I really missed him yesterday as a bicycle came through and he wasn’t here to sound the alarm and give chase.

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