Mud Creek to open end of July

Much anticipated announcement, and good news, for a change.


Caltrans Continues Efforts to Rebuild and Reopen Highway 1

at Mud Creek

New Estimated Opening Slated for end of July

BIG SUR, MONTEREY COUNTY – As Caltrans continues efforts to rebuild and re-open Highway 1 at Mud Creek, the department has announced a new target date of the end of July for opening the route to all travelers.

Department officials announced last August that a new ¼-mile roadway will traverse the site of the massive Mud Creek landslide.

The new roadway will be realigned across the landslide and will be buttressed with a series of embankments, berms, rocks, netting, culverts and other stabilizing material according to department engineers and geologists. This strategy is allowing Caltrans to rebuild the roadway more quickly and at a lower cost than other alternatives such as structures, a tunnel or major earthwork that puts additional fill into the ocean.

“Rebuilding Highway 1 and restoring traffic along the Big Sur coast has been our priority and by opening the highway sooner than expected, it will boost the many central coast communities affected by this major landslide,” said Caltrans Acting District 5 Director Richard Rosales.

The massive slide occurred on May 20, 2017, dumping more than 6 million cubic yards of material onto the roadway and into the ocean, creating 15 additional acres of coastline, making it the largest one ever along the Big Sur coast.

Caltrans engineers have been working closely with contractor John Madonna to increase rebuild productivity, so this combined with favorable weather and longer days will allow us to open the road sooner than our previous mid-September estimate.

Caltrans is continuously evaluating the opening date as roadwork progresses so we anticipate providing a final update by early July. It’s expected that after the highway opens, intermittent weekday lane closures and roadwork will continue for several months to finalize repairs.

–Photos below—


June 1, 2017


June 3, 2018

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  2. Isn’t it grand???


  3. Fingers and toes crossed!


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