Tourist Tuesday, 6/12/18

I am taking today off, so that I can seek balance, get grounded, enjoy this beautiful place I am blessed to live in, and search for my objectivity, which seems to have departed. I will still be checking on things, so make sure a fire doesn’t start, but otherwise, I will be doing things that bring me joy. Look for the joy in your life today, too. Embrace it.

3 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday, 6/12/18

  1. Hi Kate,

    There have been too many stressors in the last few years. CA. Has not considered to impact of their choices on the residents.

    Peggy Horan, and others, comes to my house in Carmel for her activities in Monterey such as doctors. It is 4 hours to drive to Monterey from Gordy.

    Those designing road improvements are not considering there is a threshold of stress Big Sur residents can tolerate before illness, financial difficulties, and other outcomes take hold.

    The outcome is the same as the effects of bullying.

    Take care of yourself! Lyndall Demere

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  2. Thank you, Lyndall. I found myself getting stressed by the traffic I was not even in, when I heard from so very many people; and I found myself losing my objectivity and balance; and I found myself getting almost vicarious road rage – particularly at the agency responsible; I knew I needed to put myself in time-out mode. Self-care is what I can most due to help this situation, right now.

  3. Good advice Kate! I had one of the worst experiences yesterday in traffic and felt like moving away for good. I hope the new lanes at the mouth will be a step in the right direction to get our traffic problems under control. Has anyone looked at the old Point Sur military area as possible bus transport and build a large parking lot to transport tourist down to Big Sur on tours so they are not all driving down dumbfounded and distracted.

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