Front Fire, Day 2, 8/20/18

5:30 pm – Front Fire holding at 875 acres with 30% containment. There are 600 personnel assigned. SoCal Incident Management Team 2 (IC Johnny) will take command at 6 am tomorrow.

1 pm – UPDATE: #FrontFire drops down to 875 acres as a result of better mapping, according to Los Padres National Forest officials. Fire is 5% contained.

8 am – As of this morning, this fire is up to 1000 acres, and highway 166 remains closed.


And from last night, photo by CHP, Santa Maria:


4 thoughts on “Front Fire, Day 2, 8/20/18

  1. You are welcome, Charlotte. In the past, I wouldn’t have worried so much about these fires at the south end of SLO Co, knowing SLO Stringer had them covered. With him gone, I feel the need to keep my neighbors to the south informed. His death was such a loss to the community.

  2. Yes on all accounts… TY for all you have done and continue to do, TY for watching the southern end of SLO, and SLO Stringer’s death was a great loss. Between the two of you, I felt confident that there was a couple of good eyes on things “back home” and allowed me to monitor the (unfortunately) numerous other fires… especially for my non-tech family/friends. Like many of us, I have “important people” up and down the west coast. I have learned a lot about the various sources available from your blog. So TY for that.
    I pictured the two of you working with the same purpose in two very different ways. And I do mean I had/have a cartoon-like picture in my head! 😉
    SLO Stringer was this thing zipping around the valley floor and you sat on a mountain top with an array of data arrows coming at you from all directions.
    Well – I’ve had my morning cartoon – thanks for the grin.

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