Arthritis Foundation Bicycle Ride comes to Big Sur

The days and dates of the Big Sur portion of the ride are next Monday and Tuesday.

CENTRAL COAST – The Arthritis Foundation’s California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour will move through Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties beginning Saturday, Sept. 22 through Friday, Sept. 28 in the following locations:
Saturday, Sept. 22:  The cyclists will use State Route 1 from San Mateo County to the City of Santa Cruz.
Sunday, Sept. 23:  The cyclists will use State Route 1 from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in to Carmel in Monterey County.
Monday, Sept. 24:  The cyclists will use State Route 1 from Carmel to Big Sur in Monterey County.
Tuesday, Sept. 25: The cyclists will use State Route 1 from Big Sur to Cambria in San Luis Obispo County
Wednesday, Sept. 26:  The cyclists will use Highway 1 south from Cambria to Oceano in San Luis Obispo County.
Thursday, Sept. 27:  The cyclists will use State Route 1 from Oceano, State Route 166  from Guadalupe and State Route 1 towards Orcutt before crossing State Route 154 west of Los Olivos before arriving in Buellton in Santa Barbara County.                                                                                
Friday, Sept. 28: The cyclists will use State Route 246 from Buellton and US 101 through Santa Barbara to Ventura County.
In addition, the southbound #2 (right) lane of US Highway 101 at the Arroyo Quemada Bridge in Santa Barbara County will be closed on Friday, Sept. 28 between the hours of 8 am and 12 noon to allow the cyclists to safely proceed where the shoulder width is narrow.
Law enforcement and ride officials will be located along the route to ensure the safety of motorists, participants and pedestrians.  Motorists are advised to be aware of the riders as they move through the area and to ‘Share the Road’.
For traffic updates on other state highways on the Central Coast, motorists can call Caltrans District 5 Public Affairs at 805-549-3318 or can visit the District 5 website at:

2 thoughts on “Arthritis Foundation Bicycle Ride comes to Big Sur

  1. Kate,
    Just came down coast from Rio Rd to Palo Colorado. Lots of straggling Arthritis Foundation bicycles on the road. Quite a few stopped at look outs. NO sign of law enforcement OR ride officials.
    These are not experienced bicyclists, so Heads UP Folks! I sensed danger and they have another day to go.

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