7 thoughts on “Congratulations, Susana Cruz & Jim Shivers

  1. Greetings Big Sur Caretaker Kate!

    I had an idea~~ Where it really isn’t practical to install camera’s out in nature, by placing signs saying: WARNING! YOU ARE BEING VIDEO’ED!, just may prevent much of the graffitti, & even litter! 🤗💕🌅

  2. That’s good that they received recognition. The reports were repetitive to some degree, but communication is important, and it was regular.
    They are doing a good job.

    A suitable recognition for (unpaid) BigSurKate would include a lot of hugs and a fair amount of good wine, I would imagine.
    And, just knowing that a huge number of followers think of her as a friend.

  3. Often repetitive, but the communication was important.

    Ah, Wally, thank you. I actually did get both Congressional and State Senate Recognition Awards after Soberanes, and a personalized engraved Monterey Regional Fire hat. Plenty of wine (including TWO CASES from one follower who owns a winery), and offers I still haven’t taken advantage of! I really like the followers who think of me as a friend.

  4. Take note, CPC/CC: “$21 million project takes aim at corrosion on Big Sur bridge”

    starts sometime next year…

    CPC has some hot stories in it this week a good read..

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