Bixby Bridge Goes Viral

Great article in today’s San Jose Merc. News by Lisa Krieger.



BIG SUR – It’s not just the growing number of visitors that pose a problem to the famed Bixby Bridge. It’s their bad manners.

Beyond the trampled yellow hazard tape, behind the “Warning Steep Slope Stay Back” sign, between rosettes of toilet paper, crowds gather to gawk at this graceful span.

Traffic on this breathtaking stretch of California’s iconic Highway 1 stalls to a standstill as drivers await parking spots, horns honking. Tour buses idle on the adjacent Old Coast Road, blocking transit. A drone buzzes overhead. On its cliffs, a discarded bottle of Prosecco desecrates a sublime ocean view.

”People aren’t treating it with the respect that it deserves and needs to have,” said Monterey County Supervisor Mary Adams, who represents the region.

You can find the rest of this article here:

~ by bigsurkate on October 26, 2018.

5 Responses to “Bixby Bridge Goes Viral”

  1. Thanks to *you*, Kate, for informing me about the problem!

    *Lisa Krieger* Science and research reporter | Editorial | 408-859-5306 Mobile @lisamkrieger *Over 5 million engaged readers weekly*

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  2. Thank you Kate

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  3. It’s nice to know that are concerns are being heard !

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  4. I almost had one of those idiots for a hood ornament. Walked right into the traffic lane as I was driving thru at a cautious speed.


  5. AR: Hey, I love your random regional tour journals with images of your day trips, keep enjoying your journeys on your blog..

    For example, AR 6/18: “Big Sur, Indians Road, South Coast Ridge Road”


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