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  1. We are in a time of Purification, where what I call, the worst in us, is being pushed up & out. This in order, for the Light to enter & replace it. In the ‘mean’time, we do need to put into place, what may seem to be harsh restrictions, to protect not only our Selves, but our precious Mother Earth. So sorry ‘visitor’s, but your access is now denied, until your behavior shifts into honoring. Period. And just as, by the way, our own Yosemite has done. Period. 🌕

  2. Kate, how does this survey results help residents including you to improve life, safety, and the enjoyment of these areas better evaluate shortcomings? NFS needs more patrol services and funding is obvious..

  3. These results do make an important impact, that of energizing us into taking productive actions, in whatever ways are necessary. And as I suggested, serious restrictions of right to enter have become necessary. There are many examples ‘being shown’ us,’ all around us, where serious action is now required. Our own country’s borders are similarly up for our awareness, & necessary actions, & regardless of any political preference, dare I say in this time of heavy judgment. For me, it’s a time where ‘tough love’ is necessary, in order to protect our World. 🌕

  4. Yes, we have long advocated for the closure of these roads down here on the South Coast during fire season, to no avail So instead, some of us just take on the illegal campfires ourselves. We advocated for 4×4 only signs, and finally got something similar, while the new ones are made. This survey is establishing a “base line.” It is something that should have been done decades ago. 121 sites is way too many for this area to support with no infrastructure or patrol. I agree. It needs to be closed off. Unfortunately, I do not make that decision. Neither does the local MRD, neither does the district office in Santa Barbara. It is the Dept of the Interior in DC that holds that gate.


  5. Thank you Kate for your reply & helpful information. President Trump’s administration is in my opinion, may be just the one to actually assist in your endeavor, as he is all about fixing problems of this ‘nature.’ And for those cynical, Trump is but a reflection of the times we are in, as are all President’s elected at the time they are. We are literally in times of putting things ‘back’ to order, whether we acknowledge it, like it, or not. My bet, is that you will see some real action moving forward now in your attempts at correction. Who would be responsible for bringing this matter to the attention of the Dept. of Interior, & can you involve Panetta? My suggestion for starter’s.

  6. His aide, Kathleen Lee, is helping with our sustainable destination management plan development, and I have mentioned this to her. But you are right, I should also send this to her and to Kate Daniels, Mary Adams aide, as the county is responsible for the first 1.3 miles of Plaskett and all of Los Burros Rd.


  7. Too bad north coast SLO CANNOT VOTE. Hwy is congested most of the day at least to San Luis 😫😫

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  8. I’m wondering if the road to the Silver Peak Wilderness (a name I never knew) is my old trailhead in to the Edge of the Wild, which was above the Queen Hattie. Is this starting point where Hicky’s grave stood? There was a tin shack to the right, below and Queen Hattie, around the corner to the left. I used to have nighmares about civilization/a roadhouse making it to just above the Edge.

  9. I believe he is talking about Hard Rock’s driveway past the cross where he buried his dog. Silver Peak Wilderness was established in 2002, I think. I remember I was up here and when they carved it out, I made them put it 500 yards off my property line, but otherwise, it is from Plaskett Ridge Rd. South to Los Burros Road, pretty much. So, it wasn’t called that when you lived there.


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