Highway Tentatively Scheduled to Close Mid-Day Mon. Jan. 14, 2019

                         **48-HOUR TRAFFIC ADVISORY UPDATE**


MONTEREY COUNTY — Caltrans has received confirmation from National Weather Service (NOAA) data that a significant storm is in the forecast to begin in approximately the next 24-hours for the areas of Mud Creek (PM 8.9) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) on State Route 1 in the Big Sur area.

This advisory is to inform the public to be prepared for closure of the roadway tentatively scheduled for mid-day Monday, Jan. 14 due to a significant storm. Stand-by for additional information within the next 24 hours and a final notice will be sent when the roadway closes. Caltrans will have our Geotech, Maintenance and Construction units on call and prepared to inspect/clean up during daylight hours when the storm ends and it is safe to be onsite again.

The gates on either side of Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide will be key locked. These gates will not be manned when the highway is closed. No one, including Emergency Services or Caltrans employees will be allowed access until a proper assessment can be made and any necessary cleanup has been completed.


NOTE: These advisories apply only to the Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide areas with each closure being treated separately–both locations will close tentatively on mid-day Monday, Jan. 14. Please stand-by for additional information within the next 24 hours.


2 thoughts on “Highway Tentatively Scheduled to Close Mid-Day Mon. Jan. 14, 2019

  1. When the wind pushes the misty Winter rain clouds against the Santa Lucia’s, and the temperatures plummet, to be there watching this is akin to stepping back in time- to what it was forever.

    It is you and nature, the beating of the rain, the swirling fogs passing, no unwanted visitors. Just a dramatic natural event, as it ever was and will be.

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