Search and Rescue at Garrapata State Beach today

Here are the photos taken by Brendon Shave. My understanding from information provided to me is that the young man is local, from Monterey and only 18 years old. He was with 3-4 other friends. As of this writing he has not been found, nor any body recovered. I had a ton of photos that I kept whittling down to these 11. It still takes a while to load.

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5 thoughts on “Search and Rescue at Garrapata State Beach today

  1. I saw this driving about 230pm. Had no idea what was going on. Search and rescue was packing up and leaving about then. Post more pictures and updates if you can!

  2. Search called off at dark. No body recovery. I have more photos, but they are way too large to post more, and there is really no point, anyway. Why cause more pain to his Carmel parents?

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