Beach Hazard Statement

In light of yesterday’s heartbreaking incident at Garrapata State Beach, I offer the following PSA announcement from NWS/NOAA

“Beach Hazards Statement in effect from 9 AM Sunday through late Sunday night for west to northwest facing beaches along the Central Coast from Sonoma County through Monterey County. There will be an increased risk of sneaker waves. Never turn your back to the ocean!”


3 thoughts on “Beach Hazard Statement

  1. just fyi
    for some reason your text (intro) is very light, definitely not your regular type. ??

  2. Denise. I know. I changed it to another color by accident, and then, no mater what I did, including deleting and trying again, it stayed the same. I apologize, but sometimes technology gets the better of me. 😜 Do not forward, please

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