8 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 1/20/19

  1. Raining here too in CVV; Ben Lomon your tri-county precip daily totals leader for the moment hitting an inch by the end of this hour.

  2. No change in daily precip total for Ben Lomond, so, White Rock Ridge takes the tri-county title for top of the charts at 1.03..

  3. Around 9 PM had a break in the rain, stepped outside and watched an orange spot play peak-a-boo with the clouds. No great shots but I saw the super blood wolf moon of 2019! Later, around 3 AM – so bright – I thought I’d left an outside light on! Go figure!

  4. Kate, did MLK make any journeys to the Central Coast, Big Sur, Monterey, Salinas Valley regions during his fight for equal rights? I thought for sure especially with Caesar Chavez fighting his own battles for safe working conditions, equal rights, building unions for farm workers etc.

  5. Andrew – It was Sunday Photo Op – a quick photo and then a day of rest… besides, she was up late last night, with a glass of red 🍷wine in her… hand? …howling at the moon. 🌝🌔🌓🌒🌚🌘🌗🌖🌝

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