Tourist Tuesday, 1/22/19

This article was in Condé Nast. What I like about it is that it lists the problem in each area covered, speaks to what that area is doing to tackle the problem, and also what visitors can do to minimize their impact and maximize their benefits to the community they visit. What I don’t like about this article is that it is rather shallow and superficial. Why I offer it is that I hope it can get us coming up with solutions that work for us – for here – for our home.

”Tourism can provide an incredible economic boost, sure, but it can also be harmful to the environment and put pressure on local populations. This isn’t new news: All you’ve got to do is pick up your phone and scroll through the headlines to see the ways in which overtourism, or the negative effects of too many tourists visiting somewhere at once, is playing out around the globe. Few places—whether they be cities, historical sites, national parks, or entire countries—are immune.

Not all hope is lost, though. Certain destinations have addressed the problem head on, and put into place laws that preserve the rights of locals while still accommodating thousands of annual visitors. Others have gotten creative with redirecting those very visitors, or simply added restrictions meant to curtail the number (and type) of travelers. With this in mind, here’s how several destinations around the world have proposed—or put into place—measures restricting tourists.”

To read the article, go here:

11 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday, 1/22/19

  1. Now the link contained within the quote – takes one to this story, correct ? “14 Places Most Affected by Climate Change”.

  2. I’m observing more of this site now and under the category “Best” – I notice this story- the link you provided at the end, I hope..

    “15 Beloved Places Struggling With Overtourism”

    Malorca, Amsterdam, Boracay, Angkor Wat, The Galapagos, Machu Picchu, : as the 1st 6 spots reported on…correct?

  3. Yes, scroll down from the drop down menu on the left mentions “The Best” then halfway down its page should be said story, what a bugger. Treasure info found, : ) .

  4. The highlighted ” harmful to the environment” takes you to the article “14 Places Most Affected by Climate Change”.
    The link at the end take you the website – drop down menu upper left – go to The Best… 3rd section down is called “Loving the World to Death”. (sound familiar? lol) There are currently 6 articles there – haven’t read them all but look forward to doing so soon – see what works, what doesn’t… we want a “working wheel” but we don’t want, can’t afford to!, waste time reinventing the wheel.
    Here’s a cleaner link to “The Best”

  5. Thanks for the ack but you do more than plenty! Any assist I can give is my pleasure.

  6. Denise, the cleanup hitter drives in all in the sloppy runners with long winded breaths of instructional gathering to a concise and sharp conclusion; well done. Time for the mid day brunch : )

    ot- “You’ve all done very well.” via “Are You Being Served” Mr Grace’s favorite token of appreciation, brought to you by old PBS comedy catches from English broadcasting groups..

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