17 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 1/27/19

  1. better tell me when this is cuz I’m making up stories left and right. Some are pretty cool too! lol Thanks for the brain vacation

  2. That was fast. Thanks, probably a good thing… they’re suppose to be short daydreams to be “beneficial”, or so they say. Went from daydream to “Daydream Believer” to this “Official Music Video” Hilarious! This just cracked me up…nice endorphin rush. 🤣🤣🤣 too funny!

  3. think I’ll leave it on this channel for a while provided it’s not full of commercials… next up “House of the Rising Sun”. Need a break from smooth jazz…..

  4. nope – gotta turn it off. It makes me sit here and watch it! 😳 And the music! “Blowing in the Wind”… yep – gotta cut this vaca short or I’ll be here ’til my butt’s numb! lol Back to pure acoustics smooth jazz…. white noise…. with NO PRETTY PICTURES! 🤣

  5. Kate, what is it you’re referring to as changed in that view since 2012? It is one of my favorite views on my yearly springtime camp at Kirk Creek. I walk up Naci Rd and pick up trash, break up fire rings, etc. I notice changes each year, but am not sure what this one refers to.
    There used to be a big turnout lined with 10 big pines just past Mill Creek. All the pines have died and been cut. I wrote a mourning poem “The Sky Was Empty.”

  6. So true! We look at the changes here in Santa Cruz and say the same. Different kind of changes than those you are experiencing, but disquieting and not happy ones. Too many people on the planet for the carrying capacity!

  7. Denise, – Mike Nesmith guitar player of The Monkees and in that track above still resides in Carmel Valley.

  8. That B&W coastal photo is very similar to the paperback book cover photo of Big Sur and The Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch by Henry Miller.

  9. Andrew – thanks for the info – that’s so cool. That video… it just really struck my funny bone.. a great laugh and memories of good times!
    Thanks Mike Nesmith for your entertainment and for helping your mother…
    I used a LOT of Liquid Paper! 🤣

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