ET Phone Home

8:30 pm – well, that was the longest 12 hour town trip I’ve had in a while. Besides what I reported below, it started snowing on South Coast Ridge Rd. and covered the road and the surrounding area with snow. Been a long time since I drove in the snow, and in the dark, too? I can’t remember the last time, if I ever have.

People driving on N-F Rd. are idiots, they don’t believe in staying on their own side, so be very cautious around the turns. As I said in one of my posts, MoCo is on the road coverage this weekend. Saw the grader this morning and talked to the guys. This evening, saw the grader parked at the Ranger Station near the summit, so available to go east or west. Yay!!

I will be checking on the necessary reports, updates, etc. and then I have some photos to upload from this morning. My day was too busy.

Everyone, check-in here with reports of where you are, what is happening, and keep us all advised of conditions as they develop.

If you have been following me today, you know I am on the road, picking up my Jeep in Watsonville. I am currently stopped at the intersection of 218 and 68, heading back to 101, King City for supplies, gas, and home.

I just went through a down pour between Moss Landing and here that was a nightmare. Highway One was awful. 218 is flooded. I hydroplaned once.

I have emails re conditions in CV and elsewhere, which I cannot respond to right now. I need to get to King City asap, and then home. When I do, I will post again. In the mean time, all ETs out there – phone home below in the comments.

Will check back in when I get home.

Upcoming Events

Lots going on in the month of May. The Henry Miller Library schedule for May is posted on the Announcements Page, including the Big BIG Sur Fashion Show this Thursday, the 13th.

Don’t forget the Annual BSVFB Muster coming up this Saturday, May 15th, at the State Park.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, and will add it here and/or on the announcement page when I find out what it is.

Later today, or tomorrow, I will post some photos of the Pitkins Curve/Rain Rocks project as could only be obtained by Cal-Trans … or Rock Knocker!

Random Big Sur Photograph #10

Sometimes, I just get bored with posting storm reports, and want to post something different. If you are relatively new to my blog (since I haven’t done this in a while) every so often, on a totally random schedule as the mood strikes, I post a random photograph taken somewhere in Big Sur and ask my readers to identify it. Sometimes it is way too easy, and other times, it is harder. This is one of those nights. This one is a little harder than most. Do you know where this is?

Random Photo of Big Sur #6

This one doesn’t require a guess as to where it is (I’ll post another one of those soon) as it is a lovely sign I am fond of … of a great place to eat. Of course, we have many great places to eat, all different.

I had a lovely encounter with some people parked by my front gate last night. First, they did not have any fires, or camping gear. Second, it was a couple my age. Third, they were very apologetic about being trespassing (they were actually looking for a cell signal — passed a few, but what do they know about the San Ardo tower?) and lastly, left immediately, when requested to do so.

But today, hunter’s guns way too close!!

Random Big Sur Photo #5 …

Had to work today, on this gorgeous day on the mountain. Weather – clear and beautiful. I have been above the fog, visible all up the coast, and enjoying temperatures in the mid-70’s. Totally blessed.

It has been a while since I uploaded a Random Big Sur photo for you to identify. Here is one:

_CSC4340This one should be an easy one for all you Big Sur afficianados. But I promise, the next ones will be hard!! Okay, where is this?

After 24-hours of polling, the garden photos posting idea has obtain a 95% agreement. I’ll leave the poll up for one more day, to give everyone who wants to vote to chance to do so.(I know some of you avoid the computer on weekends.) Voting closes Monday at 10 pm, PDT, so if you have an opinion, express it.

A note on the polls: they are completely anonymous. I have no idea who voted or how you voted. But thanks to the 20 that have so far!!