Random Big Sur Photo #5 …

Had to work today, on this gorgeous day on the mountain. Weather – clear and beautiful. I have been above the fog, visible all up the coast, and enjoying temperatures in the mid-70’s. Totally blessed.

It has been a while since I uploaded a Random Big Sur photo for you to identify. Here is one:

_CSC4340This one should be an easy one for all you Big Sur afficianados. But I promise, the next ones will be hard!! Okay, where is this?

After 24-hours of polling, the garden photos posting idea has obtain a 95% agreement. I’ll leave the poll up for one more day, to give everyone who wants to vote to chance to do so.(I know some of you avoid the computer on weekends.) Voting closes Monday at 10 pm, PDT, so if you have an opinion, express it.

A note on the polls: they are completely anonymous. I have no idea who voted or how you voted. But thanks to the 20 that have so far!!

~ by bigsurkate on May 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “Random Big Sur Photo #5 …”

  1. Nepenthe patio?


  2. Not this photo. Keep trying.


  3. Can’t be Nepenthe, those are fir trees. Esalen?


  4. I’d say possibly at River Inn?


  5. Not fir trees – redwoods. It is the quality of the photo — shot w/ my broken camera. pendoodles is correct. This was shot at the River Inn. Congratulations, Pennie … wish I had gifts to award. Maybe someday


  6. Kate the best gift of all is friendship. }}}HUGS{{{


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