Big Sur has stop lights!

I thought that would get your attention! Yes, two. Really. Here is a shot of one. Sorry about the quality, but as many of you know, I broke my camera in Santorini. I feel like my arm has been cut off … so, I’ll be ordering another tomorrow. Like my dogs, I just cannot function without a good, working camera.

Big Sur Stop Lights

And here is a second view. And you thought I was talking about on Highway One? These are at the new Bailey Bridge, which just opened the State Park. Of course, that may be short-lived if our Governor’s bullying tactics survive.


And, just because the gardens of the River Inn are so beautiful, due to the hard work and planning of Connie, here is a shot of those, as well:

_DSC4343Maybe, besides Random Big Sur photos,  I should add some shots of our beautiful gardens? Connie’s garden at River Inn is just one of many.

3 thoughts on “Big Sur has stop lights!

  1. I’d especially like some garden pictures, since the Hidden Gardens Tour was canceled this year.

  2. More garden pics seems to be in order, per the comments and the poll. I was thinking primarily those open to public view, but I will visit some private ones and take photos of those as well, as soon as my new camera arrives.

    Thanks for the input, everyone!

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