So much to report, so little time…Big Sur update

Had a great time on the coast today. Saw many, caught up on much, had a few adventures, and made it home … barely. 

Stories tomorrow, and possibly a photo or two, but tonight, a factual report about conditions. Kirk Creek Campground was full at 11 am, but had spaces again this evening. Limekiln is still closed, but rumor has it it will open as soon as possible, but no date. Every empty campsite at the Big Sur State Park had a “Reserved for Tonight” sign. Construction going on on Highway One in three different places: Rain Rocks, near Limekiln; Lucia; and the entrance for the State Park. Delays are minimal at all three places.

Stay tuned for a more detailed analysis tomorrow.

Tidbits on 5/27

Friday, Dakota has to go back to the vet. She has a gaping hole that is not closing up, and a few  stitches that have not been removed. *Sigh* This poor gal has not been outside off a leash in a month now. Poor, sweet Dakota.

Today, I have to go to the Big Sur Post Office to pick up a certified letter for work, so will get to explore the coast once again before it gets too crowded. I’ll report later, and hopefully have a Random Big Sur photo to share.