Big Sur has stop lights!

I thought that would get your attention! Yes, two. Really. Here is a shot of one. Sorry about the quality, but as many of you know, I broke my camera in Santorini. I feel like my arm has been cut off … so, I’ll be ordering another tomorrow. Like my dogs, I just cannot function without a good, working camera.

Big Sur Stop Lights

And here is a second view. And you thought I was talking about on Highway One? These are at the new Bailey Bridge, which just opened the State Park. Of course, that may be short-lived if our Governor’s bullying tactics survive.


And, just because the gardens of the River Inn are so beautiful, due to the hard work and planning of Connie, here is a shot of those, as well:

_DSC4343Maybe, besides Random Big Sur photos,  I should add some shots of our beautiful gardens? Connie’s garden at River Inn is just one of many.