4 suspected Swine Flu cases in Monterey County

KSBW reported tonight (5/1) that there are 4 students in Monterey County who are suspected of having swine flu. One is from Salinas, and the other 3 are from South County. All are being confined at home. Test results will not be available for 3 days.

Story available here: http://www.ksbw.com/news/19346114/detail.html

And I thought this would be a slow news day. Three posts, albeit this is the only important one.

5/1 Updates

Quick report:

11:30 am – The much anticipated, and welcomed rain has begun, thankfully, very gentle drizzle. Hopefully, more to come.

Dakota continues to heal, but very slowly. She will get the drains removed Monday, but in the meantime, I try to keep them clean, keep her quiet and calm, and give her medications twice a day. Walk her carefully four times a day. Just about a full-time job taking care of her, right now, making sure she doesn’t lick or try to pull the drains out. She cannot wear a collar, it puts too much stress on her.