A one-room cottage


Reminder of Grandma, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

I have been spending a lot of time in my cottage, alone with my injured dog, Dakota, nursing her back to health. I am hoping that in doing so, we can avoid yet a third surgery. It has been only 5 days since her second surgery, but she brightens a little more each day.

In my cottage is this print hanging on the wall. It is old and faded, in a cheap frame, and not worth much to anyone but me. It was my grandmother’s and hung in her living room. I love this print, and love this photo of it. 

During the last 5 days of confinement, I have come to appreciate this one-room cottage even more.

Last Night’s Rain Totals

Last night (5/1) brought a significant amount of rain. 1.0″ for the day and evening, bringing the season total to 34.75″. I hear rumors of only a slight chance (30%) of rain today (good for the Wildflower Party at the Big Sur Lodge), and the same for tomorrow. 

Oh, and Dakota is doing well. Recovering more each day.

Have a good weekend, everyone.