4 thoughts on “Kirk-Hare Fire, 1999

  1. Thanks so much always, Kate, for you provocative posts. I was taking off ina jet plane, returning to my teaching job in Japan, when I saw the lightning strikes and wisps of smoke that would eventually become this conflagration.

    Be ever vigilant, Ms. Kate.
    Alex hulanicki

  2. I’m from the midwest but had never seen such a spectacular lightning show before this night. The Kirk and Tassajara fires never connected but were all started by the same lightning storm. I recorded 3/4” of rain that night from a downpour that, I contend, extinguished fires ignited by the numerous downstrikes I saw above my house midway between the Kirk and Tassajara fires. I’ve never searched but wonder how much rain fell that night at Mining ridge and Anderson peak.

  3. I recall the night well – living at Hastings Reserve – it seemed there was a strike every 8 seconds or so – at least when I was timing it and it kept me up all night. Dry lightning for the most part. Super scary.

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