Coast Ride this weekend

Upwards of 400 bicyclists are expected this holiday weekend, as well as our own Forager’s Festival. From the website:

“This year’s “Coast Ride” will be from January 18th-20th (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

We continue this year back to the original, the classic, the standard, gorgeous, full-coastal route this year, featuring a climber’s delight on Day 2 with views and climbs that will wow you.

We are excited to return to Sports Basement [in San Francisco] to start our journey down the coast.  We will start bright and early as usual – arrive at 7:00am so we can roll by 7:45.  We end in Santa Barbara for our standard 375 miles of California coastline cycling.”\

I have a number of other news items of interest, including an Esalen invite to the community and several items from CABS, to post today.

2 thoughts on “Coast Ride this weekend

  1. Breathtaking header shot! What’s not to fall in love with?

    All I can say is that I hope we never have an event like this here. We do… somewhat, but the numbers of bikes and vehicles is are still doable. We tend to hole up at home when these events take place.

  2. From their website:
    “Lastly, this Ride is unaffiliated with any organization or persons. Remember – this is NOT an organized ride! We are a bunch of friends riding down the Coast. You choose to ride The Coast Ride at your own risk.”

    I guess that’s how they get around having to pay for CHP escorts etc. like most of the mass rides do. The weird part is if it’s unaffiliated with any organization or persons, why do they charge $110 – $165 for folks to take part (they claim to cover the cost of pizza and vans/drivers).

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