Community Invitation from Esalen

PLEASE READ THE INVITE — RSVP TO as directed on the invite, not here in the comments. Ask them if Cambria or Carmel are local enough. Ask them if your Big Sur pay stubs will be sufficient. Esalen did not share their criteria with me and did not define what they mean by “local.” Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Community Invitation from Esalen

  1. Kate, how far local does the circle include? Just curious; there must be a boundary point all places north, south, and east.

  2. Yes, I am curious, too! Is Cambria too far 😉 I could easily make this and it sounds lovely! I imagine I shall contact them direct…

  3. Having worked @ Esalen for 7 yrs and seeing these similiar functions, i know “local” does not apply to Carmel. It is strictly Big Sur and the nearby residences.
    Esalen would not be able to accommodate all of Carmel residents.
    And then again it may have changed.

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