Mo Co extends SIP until 5/31 with some modifications

Post Date:05/01/2020
 Monterey County Health Officer, Dr. Edward Moreno has issued an updated Shelter-in-Place Order.  This Order is effective Monday, May 4, 2020 and will continue through May 31, 2020.

Modifications in this order were determined in part by using a risk-based analysis. Modifications in this order include:

  • Easing of restrictions on construction, golf courses and golf driving ranges, which are subject to Health Officer requirements for operation.
  • The Order also provides clarification on residential transactions including rentals, leases, home sales and vehicle sales. Plant nurseries, landscaping and gardening is permitted, as well as drive-in church services. Fabric and craft stores that sell fabric and materials for the purpose of supplying material necessary to create face coverings, gowns and personal protective equipment are permitted to operate.
  • All activities permitted in the Health Officer Order must comply with physical distancing requirements, specific activity limitations, and all Health Officer Orders related to COVID-19.

Staying at home has been challenging for county residents. This order represents a phased approach for Monterey County businesses and residents to begin to engage in additional activities that pose a lower risk of spread of COVID-19.  According to Dr. Edward Moreno, “A phased approach to removing restrictions will allow our county to continue to slow the spread of virus and keep pressure off our health care system.

Easing some restrictions, when combined with recent increases in testing capacity for COVID-19 and the use of face coverings, can continue to slow the spread of the virus while allowing some residents to return to work.”

Residents are still required to stay at home, but can leave their homes to participate in essential activities, as explained in the Order. 

To promote physical and mental health, residents are still encouraged to get outside and exercise as long as they practice social distancing and adhere to outdoor activity limitations included in the Order.

“Monterey County residents have shown that we can slow the spread of the virus and protect our older friends and family members and people with chronic medical conditions,” said Dr. Moreno. “Thank you for your efforts to protect the health and safety of our county.”

A copy of the order and more information is available at

2 thoughts on “Mo Co extends SIP until 5/31 with some modifications

  1. Why are so many people coming to Big Sur when everything is closed? Had two trespassing incidents here the past two days. Yesterday the people were from Central Valley and today’s couple from Newport Beach. Both cited for not complying with Shelter In Place ordinance. Thank you to our local law enforcement! Hope the word gets out that you shouldn’t be traveling right now to Big Sur from outside the area. You are putting our community at risk and should stay home in your own zone!

  2. I am so sorry you had to go through this WTF? I hope you called the non-emergency # for MCSO. Butch K suggested I do so re the people camping up here, once again.

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