Plaskett Fire, Day 2, 6/4/20

I drove up Plaskett to get home today and saw lots of resources, some burned areas, some borayed areas, but no smoke or fire. Looking really good. Andrew Marsden, the PIO of LPF said, Andrew says, “I think this is going to be a success story for us. It could have gone a different direction.” I absolutely agree with him. The USFS brought in a lot of resources right from the beginning, which was easy to do as there was little wildfire in California. Within just a few hours, there were four planes flying this one, two from Hollister and 2 from Paso.

It is at 24 acres and 20% containment and that number will go up this afternoon. There are 200 people on the fire and it looks like it is boxed in. It will be in mop up for the next few days and there will be an investigation into the cause of the fire. There are additional photos that Brendon took Of the couple who were at that spot with evidence of a campfire yesterday morning at 8 am when he drove by. I have not posted these additional photos, yet and I have offered these to Marsden.

Here are a few photos I just took an hour ago driving up.

photo by BSK with my iPhone
Photo by BSK
Photo by BSK

I have some more marvelous photos by Brendon Shave from yesterday that I will put together in a photo essay later today.

I am with Andrew. This could have been so much worse. This is one of the spots I have been complaining about for the last few years. That path up the hill was not there just a few years ago, now most of the ridge looks like that. THIS is what happens when Plaskett Ridge Rd is closed with signs and barricades, and SIP is in place for the entire state. One good thing to come out of this (no, not a fire break as this goes away from my place, not toward it) is that there is now a forest ranger up here. I hope I get to meet her soon and welcome her to the neighborhood.

And so…welcome to fire season 2020.