Ridge Fire – on Plaskett

3 pm — WOHOO just brought in the VLAT. I was getting my real camera, but had to change batteries. If it makes a second run, I am ready!!

I am informed, not the VLAT, but T-137, which looks like a VLAT to me. File photo:

View from Treebones at start from Jonny Taitano:

From Annie Haven at Coastlands:

2:41: Gary Son says 20 acres. Don’t know where he got that info. But it is above him.

And here is number 2:

06/17/2020 13:46LPF-1476RidgeWildfirePlaskett Ridge Rd 1 1/2 mile in.CRW1LPF DIV1LPF DIV3LPF DOZ3LPF DOZ4LPF E18LPF E315LPF4X4 E319LPF E331LPF4X4 E335LPF HEL527LPF HEL528LPF PAT17LPF PAT18LPF Q WT5LPF