Ridge Fire – on Plaskett

3 pm — WOHOO just brought in the VLAT. I was getting my real camera, but had to change batteries. If it makes a second run, I am ready!!

I am informed, not the VLAT, but T-137, which looks like a VLAT to me. File photo:

View from Treebones at start from Jonny Taitano:

From Annie Haven at Coastlands:

2:41: Gary Son says 20 acres. Don’t know where he got that info. But it is above him.

And here is number 2:

06/17/2020 13:46LPF-1476RidgeWildfirePlaskett Ridge Rd 1 1/2 mile in.CRW1LPF DIV1LPF DIV3LPF DOZ3LPF DOZ4LPF E18LPF E315LPF4X4 E319LPF E331LPF4X4 E335LPF HEL527LPF HEL528LPF PAT17LPF PAT18LPF Q WT5LPF

9 thoughts on “Ridge Fire – on Plaskett

  1. PV School has no internet this week due to events unrelated to the fire. Fortunately, I am working from home in Cambria and was able to call school to warn staff who were/are on site for 2020-21 instructional planning. Not sure how they are dealing with it, but if fire goes out of control, flies down slope, school could be at risk.

  2. Is LPF Engine 18 from the Nac Station? Looks like LPF Engine 17 at PV has not responded but #18 has responded.

  3. Picture #2 that Tree Bones shot is a direct on shot behind them. There use to be a trail that traveled right up over that saddle & hit the Willow Creek Rd. The smoke seems closer to Willow in the photo than to Plaskett but there’s a ridge in the way so you can’t see Willow.

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