8 thoughts on “Photo Essay on the Ridge Fire by Brendon Shave

  1. Kate, thank you for all the info on the fires. It is so hard to get any news about them anywhere else.

  2. Ted, it is hard for anyone else to cover these down here on the South Coast, unless they are multi-day fires, and I’d rather they get stopped early and hard. One has to live here to really know what is going on.

  3. I heard the ones who accidently started it called it in also, better than the 1st couple 2 weeks ago who walked away from the fire they started. Curious if the 2nd folks had any H20 at all to try to put it out? Also, curious if they got ticketed and will be financially responsible for all the suppression costs which if like the last 1 could be close to $500,000 or if us taxpayers will have to cover their irresponsibility? I’ll say it again and again…if people get ticketed for their misdeeds and it gets posted to social media, we may have fewer people coming to “free camping” that is no longer free!!

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