5 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 6/7/20

  1. right…makes sense. Such a bummer that people who come here to “enjoy” the wilderness are so instrumental in its destruction.

  2. I’m totally disheartened that the nature loving or are they just fun loving (?) public will go into a closed area without a thought of the consequence of what their presence and disregard for the law does. Campers move barricades, camp in a closed area and build campfires after they’ve passed the 6′ signs of NO CAMPFIRES. At $1000 fine for entering a closed road & $5000 for a campfire you would think the Sheriff’s dpt or USFS could earn the $ just by giving out tickets to hire someone to patrol each road: Naci, Plaskett & Willow! This week alone they could have made @ least $30,000. That goes a long way in our faltering economy.

  3. The wind really came up hard on Sat and Sunday. Hope everything stayed knocked down.

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