Wildfire in Hollister

Noon — Hollister, CA – June 12, 2020 –  There is a brush fire in the area of Park Hill in downtown Hollister.  The fire is on the north side of the hill and moving east toward the homes located on North Street.  Fire department as well as Hollister Police and Sheriff Deputies are on scene.  

Please stay out of the area.  Law Enforcment is on scene contacting homes and requesting evacuation to some of the nearby homes.  

Update to follow.  

Wild Fire in the area of Park Hill in Hollister. Fire Department on scene and evacuations in process. I have no further details at this time.

3 thoughts on “Wildfire in Hollister

  1. This is about 3 blocks from me. I can see Park Hill (the area pushed up by the Caleveras Fault) from my Kitchen door. Some smoke, but not so I can smell it. Wind is up. I’m wondering if they had to evacuate the egregious new development on the North side.

  2. Hollister Police calling it a two acre brush fire. Being mopped up at 1:15

  3. I live in Hollister and have a garden plot on Park Hill…it is a beautiful spot but riddled with encampments…it burns every year either from homeless or fireworks…ironically there is an old forestry station up there that was taken over by CDF, until abandoned and given to the City, which has now abandoned it also..

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