Hunter Fire, FHL/BEU, 6/21/20

As of 10 am 6/22, Hunter Fire still at 140 acres with 15% containment. (Just for frame of reference, when the Ridge fire was at 30%, it was no longer of any concern to me)

Photo by Rolin Coth, USFS

7:30 PM — spotting on left flank. Two additional tankers being ordered. Now 140 acres burned. Talk of moving resources into the Copperhead area out front of this.

7:00 PM — 140 acres, spotting, starting to take the next “bowl” and still need two tankers that were diverted to Stage, and to Vista, a 3d fire in San Juan Bautista. 0% containment on the Hunter incident.

UPDATE 5:20 PM — HunterFire [update] in Lockwood (Monterey Co) 100 acres, 0% contained. 20 structures threatened. Evacuations in progress Copperhead Canyon Rd & Bryson-Hesperia Rd.

UPDATE 4:30 pm —

It is now 70 acres with short range spotting. Current weather in Jolon; 94, 25%, 10 mph out of the North. Evacuation of Copperhead Rd/Dr going on now.

State ID: CA
3 letter designator: BEU/FHL
Fire name: Hunter
Location: Sam Jones Road; Lockwood, CA
Reported acres: 40
Rate of spread: moderate
Report on Conditions: started in the grass, transitioned to the brush. Short range spotting now occurring with potential for 500 acres
Structure threat: yes: evacuation advisories for Copperhead Road/Bryson-Hesperia community.
Resources: AA230, T74, T75, T79, T80, T102, T137
Radio channels:
Scanner link: 28
Webcam link: 37 36
Agency Website:

Fire on Sam Jones Road. FHL unit is making his way into the incident, stating that its on private property and in the SRA. BEU is going to start aircraft as soon as they have coordinates. BEU & FHL resources responding to a working fire, with a structure involved, on Sam Jones Road approximately 1 mile passed the green bridge.

This should be in the area of Bald Mountain, which is the border of FHL and BEU, near the Bryson-Hesperia community.

Full response from both agencies, with a large column visible. Additional ground resources responding from SLU.

Here is the broadcastify link:

AA- 230, T-74, T-75, H-527 assigned. FHL  8802 on scene. 2 acres mixed grass and brush.

3 thoughts on “Hunter Fire, FHL/BEU, 6/21/20

  1. Can someone give me phone number of party who can help elderly lady on bottom of Copperhead road. She has a companion german shepard which could go in her car but also 3 cats which have no crates. She walks with walker and needs help to load car w/dog and 3 cats and some belongings if possible, ASAP. Please call me at 831-236-0172. This is urgent!!! I’ll try and give you directions. I’m 2 hrs away so cannot help. She is wishing 1 mile of Bald Mountain.

    Kate, if you can, would you please call me? Thanks

  2. Just an update, I did call Regina, I did determine that a local F&G warden who has been checking up on her for a while, is assisting on the fire, probably with evacuations. He is perfect as he Knows her situation and her animals. Our prayers go out to you Fay.

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