Coyote Fire, San Benito Co. 7/15/20

4:30 pm — I need to separate this one out from the other one as it will go extended and is already grabbing resources from other areas due to structure and lives threats. Evacuations are in progress.

CoyoteFire (San Benito Co) – IC reports 30-50 structures immediately threatened, another 100 will be threatened in the next 12 hours or so. High tension powerlines also in the area.

5 thoughts on “Coyote Fire, San Benito Co. 7/15/20

  1. Surprised there are so many structures that far south. Must be the grassland if Coyote Valley. I’m watching several smaller CDF aircraft moving in and out of Hollister airport.

  2. People in that area aren’t getting much information. Are there any updates? Which direction it is moving? Thank you.

  3. 700 acres with potential for 3-4K. Currently it appears to be moving towards these locations as they are the current evacs. Evacuations in place near the Cal Fire Antelope Station in the Panoche Valley and Willow Springs area. #CoyoteFire

  4. Lots of small ranches in the back country of Tres Pinos. Used to be a Feed Lot in there as well.

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