Photo Sunday, 7/26/20

Tomorrow is Rock Knocker’s 80th birthday. He is a Leo and an extravert, so celebrations are his thing … unfortunately, COVID-19 has made this darn near impossible, except for a special meal planned around his favorites. This is where we would have gone for breakfast, and will, hopefully, next year. Happy Birthday, R!

13 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 7/26/20

  1. Please tell my bro I love him and happy 80th. Miss you all. Larry and I was planning on going to Jade Fest this year but again COVID 19 has altered events and plans. Maybe next year.

  2. Happy Bithday, Rock Knocker. I’ve always liked that handle and assume it’s because you’re a geologist, not a music critic.

  3. And that’s my favorite table at that lovely spot. Happy birthday to Rock, however he chooses to celebrate. (My brother Greg turns 70 tomorrow – love the Leos of the world!)

  4. I’ve been clued-in that the Birthday Boy was a rock climber for Cal Trans. Sounds like a hazardous occupation, cojones required.

  5. All of the best for all of your days and many more. Love everything about this photo! Best personal wishes.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you enjoy your day, my dad sent me a message to tell you also Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday Rock Knocker! Even with a COVID birthday, I’m sure you’re celebrating just the way you want to. May you continue to have good health and the best of spirits (the liquid kind and the metaphysical kind)!

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