Branch Fire

6 pm — BranchFire making new run blowing out to the east on the left flank with a wind shift felt here at CaliforniaValley as well as a new run near the head to the south on the right flank.

A wildfire in the Soda Lake area of the California Valley went from 3 acres to 1500 acres in about two hours. Highway 58 is now closed. Ongoing structure threats and pushing into BLM land. VLAT requested.

2 thoughts on “Branch Fire

  1. On July 23, 2020 (last Thursday) there was a fire in Big Sur at the mouth of Palo Colorado Canyon. The air support was very prompt. MCFB got it under control in a couple hours. It could have been the same situation, except with no exit for hundreds of residents since the fire was blocking the only exit! The nearby residence and over 10 units of lumber (massive fire fuels) were saved. This event ended up just being a 3 hour CHP road closure, opening after the utility vehicle (which started the fire) was extinguished and towed away! Things are still dry underneath the top layer of duff that gets damp from the fog!

  2. I may have only reported on it on FB as it was actually under control in a relatively short period of time, but you are right. That one could have been much more serious.

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