6 thoughts on “Face Coverings required in MoCo

  1. I thought this rule was already the case. In parentheses it has “unincorporated”. Does that mean this is just now applies to Big Sur, etc?

    Better late than never? At the rate the US is going we’re never going to get out of this cycle of infections & death. And it all lies in the hands of people!

  2. From Trip Adviser- One week ago- unincorporated businesses are certainly busy!

    London, United Kingdom
    Reviewed 1 week ago
    “Always a treat
    Our visit yesterday was extraordinary. I’ve never seen so many cars on Hwy 1 or so many people in line at Nepenthe. The woman managing the line was phenomenal — exceedingly pleasant and infecting some of the grumpy entitled folk who were trying to sneak ahead of the line with her humour. Our wait was not even 30 minutes, we had a nice spot outside, the service and food were the same outstanding quality and attention to detail even with all the Covid precautions in place and the huge crowd of of hungry people. No delays or mess ups on food despite how slammed the kitchen and service had been all day. While waiting we enjoyed a Elderflower cocktail and California Negroni, both fantastic. We started with the roasted Brussels sprouts and goat cheese/roasted garlic appetisers. Outstanding. Then shared the shrimp BLT with cole slaw and side of order of fries that hubby just had to have, which a Stellar Jay quite quickly and deftly grabbed a few from our basket. Followed by the house made berry pie recommended by our server. In retrospect, I should have just had three orders of the berry pie. Berry filling was tart and fresh while crust pastry was perfect and crumb topping superb.

    I’ve been coming to Nepenthe since I was a child growing up in CA. I had not been for decades after moving abroad and when I did return with my own kids, it was equally as wonderful with delicious food & drink and outstanding service. Yes it is “touristy” but so is the rest of California, always has been. What’s amazing is that the same welcoming service and great food has greeted us for the past forty years despite how overcrowded CA now is and it was extraordinary how well they are managing to serve folks during a worldwide pandemic.” —-

    any Covid cases at Nepenthe? Hmmmm…evidently, NOT.

  3. Disclosure: We never flattened the curve in Monterey County- profit over people and planet wins- for the moment- we do live in a small town. Where are the local Big Sur Covid Cases? Are the businesses with employees testing Positive being transparent???

  4. EVERYONE on this planet is going to get Covid, humanity is trying to slow down the spread so our medical care has a chance to operate mindfully and efficiently giving the best fighting chance of survival and the most dignified death for those that do not survive.
    Prepare your mind and body, you will contact this virus, its reproduction number is 2-6 and a June 2020 review found that 40–45% of infected people are asymptomatic.

    The mask is the best option we have, you may disagree with the idea of a mask and reactionarily get angry or you can research and learn, you can still disagree but at least you can disagree with evidence and analysis.

    Wear your mask.


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