A different landscape

I’ve taken two trips this week to view what has happened with the landscape. The first was out to McKern and on, which is about a mile from my place, and also out to Prewitt…this area is the only red line on the southern end in Division Whiskey. I wanted to see how it was doing. I chose a few photos from that trip for a Photo Sunday this coming. It looked good from a fire perimeter perspective, and like the moonscape I have come to expect after fires.

Today, I took a drive up the coast to see if I could tell what the impact could be on the road this winter. I took my “highway man” — Rock Knocker — with me. He actually took me, as he drives and I photographed. I will post the photos below, but we both came away thinking this could be a really rough winter. There are a number of places between JP Burns and Pacific Valley where all hell could break loose. Many places in those areas could become islands and cut off from town/supplies/medical. I say this not to be the proverbial “Debbie Downer” but so that those of you who live between those two points and plan to stay for the winter can stock up accordingly. But then you all know that.

Smoky Sand Dollar
Between PV School & PV Station — this will probably not be a problem for the road
Paul’s Slide — the top of this is all burnt, so this could easily give way this winter.

I easily have a couple dozen more, but you get the idea. Winter will not be kind to our road.

9 thoughts on “A different landscape

  1. I’m a long-time Cuesta College SLO Bio teacher. I and others have been looking for info on the fate of the Santa Lucia Firs. Do you have any info or suggestions who might be able to answer this question? Thanks for all you do.

  2. Ventana Wilderness Alliance probably has that info. They might be easier to get a hold of online than the current resource officer for the Monterey Ranger District. I’d call them (calls being forwarded) and leave a message for the resource officer. Don’t know how busy he is with the fire.

  3. Nancy, a local trail runner named Leor Pantilat posted about the fires impact on the Santa Lucia Firs. Look on his Facebook or reach out to him on messenger.

  4. Nancy, I reached out via email to Mike Splain, the Exec Dir of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance asking if he has any info. I will let you know what he says.

  5. Of course it’s the burned canyons, draws and other drainages with culverts that are most vulnerable to high rainfall. A contractor is doing mitigation for this in the vicinity of your pix.

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