Letter from injured firefighter’s brother

My name is Mike Allen,  I’m writing this on behalf of my brother Casey Allen.  Casey is a fire captain for the National Forest Service stationed at Pacific Valley just down the coast from you in Big Sur.   On Tuesday, September 8, Casey was critically injured while defending the Nacimiento fire station during the ‘Dolan Fire’ incident.  He and over a dozen other firefighters were overcome by the fire and they sustained a range of injuries – Casey was the only one critically injured. He was airlifted to a burn center in Fresno, California where he is undergoing treatment and recovering. Fortunately, he’s stable, and slowly recuperating but will require multiple surgeries. I’m reaching out to the Big Sur Community to see if there is anything you can do to recognize the efforts of Casey and his fellow firefighters who once again responded selflessly when Big Sur was threatened. As you can imagine, we’re looking to lift his spirits any way we can as he faces a long recovery. .

Donations may be sent to:https://www.cfmco.org/impact/weston-call-fund-for-big-sur/

Your donations will go to the Community Association of Big Sur (CABS) and be sent to the fire fighters.

If you would like to send cards they may be sent to the Nacimiento/Pacific Valley FF c/o Monterey Ranger District 406 So. Mildred St. King City, CA. 93930.

6 thoughts on “Letter from injured firefighter’s brother

  1. There is a go fund me on FB, but I think it is for all of them. If you want to mark your donations to Casey specifically, send it in a card to the Monterey Ranger District, addressed to him, and it will be sent to him. Or you can mark your check specifically for him and send it to the Weston Call Big Sur Fund through ilovebigsur.com (or org, can’t remember)

  2. I spoke to Casey’s fiance, Tina, and she said cards can also be sent directly to him at the hospital. His address there is: Casey Allen, C/o Community Regional Medical Center, 2823 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93721. Please don’t expect a reply from him as his hands are bandaged. He has a long recovery ahead of him and the cards will certainly cheer him up!

  3. Forever grateful for the efforts of Casey Allen and all the firefighters who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Thank you for risking your health to protect ours. Thank you for fighting to save our homes, property and the greater wilderness. Big Sur smiles on you my friend. Speedy recovery. Freear

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