Phase I fire clean-up

Phase 1 Wildfire Clean Up to Begin September 28th. Opt out time period for this service ends September 25th

Phase 1 clean-up of properties which suffered wildfire damage in Monterey County is expected to begin September 28th and take 4-6 weeks.

The government sponsored Debris Removal Program clean-up process is coordinated with State and Federal partners and is a free service to help home and property owners remove hazardous debris so that rebuilding can begin.

Phase 1 includes the removal of hazardous waste generated and remaining on the property by recent fires and is done by expert teams from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These teams have the equipment and training to remove waste such as car batteries, herbicides, pesticides, propane tanks, asbestos siding, paints and e-waste, and will safely dispose of what is collected. It is important to note that these teams are solely focused on debris removal. No assessment about the permit status or other code related issues of any site or remaining structures on a property is part of this work.

All property owners with damaged property will be provided this clean up service and are automatically enrolled in the program; no further action is required. Homeowners may choose to opt out of this free service and hire a private contractor for this work. Those wishing to do so, must make that decision by 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 25th. More information: