Dolan Fire, Day 25 & 9/11

Tonight’s John Chesnut’s heat maps. Looks like the fire is going exactly where they want it to go, even if they don’t know the names of all out local ridges, roads, etc. Looks good to me, but what do I know?

I have been asked by Chris Barth, the PIO to post the following to my blog:

“Could you post the following to your blog?

Residents who have chosen to not heed the mandatory evacuation in Zone J: Prewitt Ridge should do so now.

Firefighter and public safety is always our highest priority during wildfires. However, no amount of protection for a structure or resource is worth the loss of human life.

Firefighters are working to protect structures in the area, but it is unsafe for residents to stay.

With the extreme wildfire conditions across the western US, firefighting resources are limited. As such, it is critical for the public to be a partner in this unprecedented situation.“


10 am — things are happening on the south side of the fire with a burning operation at Wild Cattle that may be putting water systems in jeopardy, the MCSO is trying to evict my son, whom I have advised to stay, and I am a bit busy and in the truck (Rock Knocker driving) but will get the “official” update posted as soon as I can catch up with neighbors. Have to track info down to verify.

Good morning. Please find attached today’s fire update and map.Rudy EvensonPublic Information OfficerDolan Fire Los Padres National ForestPublic Information Phone:831-272-0222 Media Information Phone:831-272-0221 Incident Incident

YESTERDAY’S ACTIVITIES: A thick layer of smoke moderated fire behavior which provided favorable conditions for firefighters to continue with burnout operations. On the north side patrol, mop up and backhaul operations continue in the Partington community, removing hoselays and other equipment no longer needed. In Arroyo Seco structure protection is in place and resources are ready to respond as necessary. Fire activity was minimal overnight due to the coastal marine layer, cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity levels.  

TODAY’S ACTIVITIES: Direct and indirect control actions along the northern, eastern and southern perimeters continue including removing fuels and inserting hoselays and sprinklers around structures and other values at risk. Firefighters will assess and scout control opportunities from the Soberanes Fire scar to Arroyo Seco River. Burn operations will be initiated as conditions allow around structures to remove unburned fuels between the main fire and control lines on southern and eastern edges of the fire. 


EVACUATIONS: The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office has Mandatory evacuation ORDERS effective in Zone B 1 (Lucia South), Zone K (S. Coast Ridge Road), Zone J (Prewitt Ridge), Zone 24, Zone 26, and Zone 27. Evacuation WARNINGS are in effect for Zone A (Partington), Zone B1 (Lucia North) Zone M (Salmon Cr.), Zone L (Gorda) and Zones 31, 30, 29, 25, and 14A (West). For current evacuation information view the OESinteractive map. SCPA Monterey County can assist with rescuing, sheltering, and evacuating animals. Call 831-373-2631 – day; 831-264-5455 – night;  

ROAD CLOSURES: HWY 1 is closed between mile post 25 and mile post 10. Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd is closed to all traffic from Highway 1 to the Fort Hunter Liggett base boundary line. For more information visit

REGIONAL FOREST CLOSURES: Regional Order No. 20-10 USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region Emergency Closure Order is effective from September 9, 2020 through September 14, 2020. All National Forest Lands are closed to public entry in California.   

WEATHER: Marine layer and shading from area smoke will continue to play a role in reducing fire behavior, especially on the coastal side of the fire. Inland fire behavior will increase as the inversion lifts.  No extreme hot temperatures are expected.  

7:00 am — John Chesnut’s heat maps: