Dolan Fire, Day 27, 9/13/20

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about 8am , 9/13/2020

DolanFire morning overview 9/13/2020:

This morning the fire is at 117,242 acres and remains at 40% contained.

Last night at about 10:30 p.m., hotshot and engine crews contained the increased fire activity that had started late in the afternoon on Fort Hunter Liggett along the Del Venturi Road.

There was minimal fire activity along Highway 1 last night. A thin marine layer and a heavy inversion reduced visibility to zero at times along the Nacimiento-Ferguson Road. Fire activity in the Arroyo Seco area was also minimal overnight.

Incident Overview 9/13/2020:…

Map 9/13/2020:

Photo: Structure protection saved the historic Encinales Adobe, thanks to the hard work of the USFS Ventana Handcrew stationed at Fort Hunter Liggett, the Chumash Tribal Crew, USFS Los Padres National Forest Engine 319 from Arroyo Seco, and many others. Later today we will post additional photos on this story. Photo courtesy of Jason Nez, Resource Advisor.


YESTERDAY’S ACTIVITIES: Thinning of smoke and lifting of the marine layer over the fire led to increased fire activity yesterday afternoon. Crews, engines, dozers and aircraft responded to the Arroyo Seco area and Fort Hunter Liggett as a result of increased active fire behavior. Retardant drops were utilized along the southwest edge to help slow the fire’s progression while crews brought the fire down to South Coast Highway 1 securing that edge of the fire. A Mobile Retardant Base (MRB) was set up yesterday in Arroyo Seco to support fire crews on the ground. 

Overnight firefighters focused on bolstering structure protection around Arroyo Seco and continued firefighting efforts on Fort Hunter Liggett. Burn operations held overnight on the southern edge of the fire in the Prewitt Ridge area. The northwest and western edges of the fire along Highway 1 are in patrol status. The rest of the fire was relatively quiet overnight. 

TODAY’S ACTIVITIES: Direct and indirect actions along the eastern and southern perimeters continue including connecting control lines and initiate burn operations. Firefighters will scout control opportunities with the highest probability of success to tie in the Sobranes Fire scar to Arroyo Seco River. Burn operations will continue as conditions allow around structures and values at risk to remove unburned fuels between the main fire and control lines in the Arroyo Seco. Line construction along the ridge above Pine Canyon will continue over the next several days to hold the fire west or north of communities.  

Along the south edge firefighters will continue burnout operations utilizing dozer lines and air support to connect line on Prewitt Ridge. Dozer work will continue on McKern Ridge to extend control line down to Highway 1. Firefighters will clean up and secure the edge around recent firing operations near Hermitage to protect structures. Significant heat remains throughout the fire area as fuels continue to burn. 

Structure protection and hoselays will remain in place around Partington community as resources shift to the south and eastern sides of the fire. The northeast and western edges are in patrol status. Nationwide fire resources are stretched thin. 

If you have questions on the Dolan Fire incident you can ask them on the Los Padres National Forest Facebook page which is monitored from 7am-9pm daily. For evacuation questions call 211. Specific incident information can be found at   

REPORTING NOTE: Since the beginning of the fire 4 structures have been damaged and 14 residences destroyed. Five non-residential structures (for example, barns or outbuildings) have also been destroyed; starting today, we will include these in the update under “number of structures destroyed.” So even though today’s report shows 19 structures destroyed, that is a reporting change rather than an actual increase in the number of burned buildings. Damage is assessed daily and crews continue to prioritize structure protection in all communities. 

EVACUATIONS: The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office has evacuations ORDERS and WARNINGS in effect. For current evacuation information view the OES interactive map or call 211. SCPA Monterey County can assist with rescuing, sheltering, and evacuating animals. Call 831-373-2631 – day; 831-264-5455 – night;  

ROAD CLOSURES: HWY 1 is closed between mile post 25 and mile post 10. Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd is closed to all traffic from Highway 1 to the Fort Hunter Liggett base boundary line. For more information visit

REGIONAL FOREST CLOSURES: Regional Order No. 20-10 USDA Forest Service.  All National Forest Lands are closed to public entry in California.   

WEATHER: Thinning of smoke and lifting of marine layer will lead to increased fire activity today. Increased temperatures and terrain driven winds are predicted throughout the day.   

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And here is an interesting little factoid from the chp website. Looks like MM 18.5 or the Mill Creek Bridge area:

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Here are John Chesnut’s maps. The daily report will follow when received.