Destination Stewardship Management Plan for Big Sur Sur on BOS for Tuesday, 12/1

I have had some trouble with this management plan since I first got the questionaire which was ill-designed and clearly biased, in my opinion. The resultant draft suffered from these same flaws. It has been difficult for me to articulate clearly, beyond the survey, where the difficulties lie, beyond the obvious. I found this letter expressed my own views.

Last night I was sent the following letter, which puts my concerns in an articulate form, written by a man with broad and long experience in the field of Land Management, who teaches this at UC Davis, and who has written around 100 articles on these subjects. I spoke with him at length last night, about our issues, and the same ones. Marin, where he lives, faces as well.

Today, I sent this letter to the Board of Supervisors to be included in the official record of tomorrow’s hearing. It is long, but well worth your time if you care about the future of Big Sur.

This is the link to the Zoom Meeting of the Board of Supervisors for Tuesday. This item is number 15 on the agenda, and on the item there are links to the draft plan, the agreement between CABS and MCCVB for creating this draft, and other links one might be interested in.

Meeting Agenda

From Supervisor Adams’s office:

It isn’t set up on the agenda for action, just a presentation. I don’t believe it is a document that the County needs to “approve.” I expect they will take public comment, though, and it is an opportunity for the community to share their views on the DSP.