Limited Stay at Home Order Issued

The state of California is making this effort in an attempt to slow the spread, protect those who are at a higher risk, and prevent health facilities from becoming overwhelmed. By decreasing the hours of socialization during these hours where there are less essential things going on, California hopes to reduce the continued spread of the virus.

A great source for California COVID-19 updates can be found at:
* Residents who are NOT working at jobs between the hours of 10pm and 5am that are categorized as essential should stay in their homes during these hours
* Facemasks should be worn at all times when outside of the home
* A distance of 6-feet between individuals should be maintained when in public

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Big Sur Byway Organization

To all Interested Parties,

I am emailing today on behalf of the Big Sur Byway Organization (BSBO).  The BSBO invites you to sign-up to receive direct communications from the committee regarding its activities.  Emails would generally include meeting notifications and invitations to participate in discussions.  If you are interested, please use the below link to sign-up for the distribution list.

Please include me in emails regarding the Big Sur Byway Organization

You are of course free to share this invitation with others you think would be interested in hearing from the Byway Organization.



Yuri C. Anderson | Chief of Staff

Office of Supervisor Mary L. Adams, Fifth District

1200 Aguajito Road, Suite 100

Monterey, CA 93940

(D) 831.647.7755