Sunday Photos, 2/14/21

Got a nice surprise last night:

Yes, you are Brendon

Happy Valentine’s Day. Rock Knocker and I celebrated early when we had to make a trip to Monterey last week. We had dinner at The Sur in the Barnyard with two friends: Vilia and Rose. Vilia was late and I forgot to get her photo, but here is Rose:

This was definitely the highlight of my week and gave me great joy. Hadn’t done that since the beginning of the pandemic, coming up on a year, now. Thanks for joining us, ladies. So good to see girlfriends. And thanks Rock Knocker for being my designated driver!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Photos, 2/14/21

  1. Luv your sharing of friend’s, & of your daughter’s product! Wow, the label is amazing, so what’s inside, along with her love for you, that is!?

    Happy Heart’s Day, Kate! And, should you still have your doggie that came a calling recently, would you share another photo? 💖💖💖

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