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  1. Couldn’t help but notice “be the first to like this.” I would, in turn, be the last to like this. What does more film advertising do for the Big Sur community…..add a lot more tourists thinking, wow…where is that place. I too make make a U-turn on Highway 1 in front of on-going traffic with my rental car. The Coast needs a break from “people.” Reminds of Carmel spending a lot of advertising to keep the city “quaint.” It’s quaint alright…….try to find a place to buy a light bulb anywhere in the city. Enough said…..

  2. I couldn’t help but notice last years dates (March 11, 2020 & March 12, 2020) in the included information, did anyone else catch this!!

  3. I am with Karl on this, except that I find Carmel garish, not quaint . . . :). And yes, no lightbulbs (or parking).

  4. 🤦 after the little lies( or whatever it’s called,I don’t watch tv) you would think we would learn.
    Here we are having open discussion about a year long ban on the bridge, parking issues and general overuse by cars along the coast.

    Whoring out the coast,while bemoaning the impacts of that action is insane.

    The fact this is actually still happening,should show us we need real leadership in sustianable land use.
    These quik bucks come with all kinds of hidden long term cost that I simply don’t think is considered or calculated into the equations.

    This makes the whole overuse narritive disingenuous.

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