From Big Sur Health Center

With Monterey County lifting the tier system to qualify for Covid-19 vaccines, Big Sur Health Center is now able to vaccinate anyone 18 years of age and older.

Vaccine clinics will be held on Saturdays.  Due to limited vaccine supplies, we are able to offer appointments to the following groups:• Patients of Big Sur Health Center• Residents of Big Sur, including Palo Colorado Canyon• Those who work in Big Sur

We are currently administering the Moderna vaccine.

There has been considerable concern regarding recent reports of a blood clot disorder following the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.   This is very rare and all cases have occurred within the first 3 weeks following administration. There have been no reports of blood clots or other serious side effects with the Moderna vaccine.

If you received the J&J vaccine more recently and are currentlyexperiencing severe headaches, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath, you should contact your health care provider and seek medical treatment immediately.

To schedule a vaccine appointment, please call Big Sur Health Center at 667-2580.

California’s 2021 Fire Season

The chamise plants that blanket California’s shrubby chaparral should have grown new sprouts by now, flowering after winter rains before baking in the arid summer heat.

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They are highly flammable and abundant in wildland areas — and, for that reason, a bellwether to wildfire researchers. This month, a San Jose State University team analyzing moisture levels was shocked at what it found at study sites in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

At two locations researchers found no new growth to cut from the shrubs. It’s an ominous sign of just how dry the vegetation is around California, where boundless numbers of plants and trees have been starved of life-sustaining water thanks to an entire winter of paltry precipitation. Those dry plants are fuel for wildfires, and they’re primed to burn explosively.