Highway One opens to ceremony

AP Photo by Nic Coury

Contractors on the left side of photo, Cal Trans on right side of photo, CHP right-center and politicians in the center behind and to the left of Newsom.

Congressperson Panetta and Capt Marcus Foster, photo by Big Sur Fire

And here they come. This is Rat Creek after the ceremony:

photo by Cal Trans

8 thoughts on “Highway One opens to ceremony

  1. Quite fitting that a giant RV with a trailer (presumably traveling a steady 25mph up the coast) is the first one across

  2. Fantastic and what a team to get this monumental project completed under time too. The photos have been phenomenal

  3. It looks like it will be slow going with that lead vehicle 🙂 Congratulations to all involved!

  4. One thing about pride and expediency; details don’t matter. Like putting blinders on a horse to keep it calm. Clearly, political expediency ruled–that is, the engineers were not at the microphones . . . and even if they were, they would be barred from revealing certain details. As long as “the fall” comes after the power has moved on to “greater” things, who cares? How is it that the most competent are ruled by political expediency?

  5. Future generations will marvel at where we thought a road could be built.

    And, I, for one, am grateful this repair is done.

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